Cobbles Chunky Hat and Cowl Set

Work Up This Hat and Cowl in Less Than an Hour!

Cobbles Chunky Hat and Cowl

Cobbles Chunky Hat and Cowl

Last week the Dollar Tree had a crazy limited time, while supplies last sale on some pretty amazing yarn. It was all from the Yarnspirations line and sold for, you guessed it, a $1 a skein!  To make the deal sweeter, for the 3 days of the sale, shipping was a flat rate of $4.95.

Before you go all crazy, the sale is over, the yarn is gone and who knows when it will be back, if ever. The yarns were current yarns, not mill ends, not shortened rolls…Honestly, I don’t know how they were able to do it. But they did and what happened is that I got to try some yarn I hadn’t used before and fell in love! I will have no problem paying full price for it in the future. (By full price I mean the price minus coupons, because really who doesn’t shop for yarn with coupons!)

A prime example is the Patons Cobbles yarn. Y-U-M-M-Y! Unsure of what to do with this super bulky yarn, I have been playing with it since it arrived. Today I worked up a hat and cowl set I’ll be adding to my stock for craft shows. It is super fast and super easy!  It took less than an hour to do the entire set!

Even though this is a super bulky yarn, it is light weight and super soft! The patterns below are what I did to get the hat and cowl. They are very basic and could be easily adjusted by adding or taking away a row depending on your gauge.

Cobbles Chunky Hat (Women’s Adult Size)

Materials: 1 Skein Patons Cobbles, 25mm Hook

Work in the rounds, you don’t need to join at the end of each row.

Start with a magic circle. 6 sc into magic circle

Round 2: 2 sc into each stitch around (12)

Round 3: 2 sc into first stitch, 1 sc in next. Repeat around. (18)

Round 4-10: 1 sc in each stitch around.

Round 11: Slip stitch in each stitch around. Finish off and weave in ends.

Cobbles Chunky Cowl

Materials: 1 Skein Patons Cobbles, 25mm Hook

Chain 5

Row 1: hdc into first chain from hook. Continue across. Chain 3 and turn. (4)

Rows 2-20: hdc in first stitch. Continue across. Chain 3 and turn. (4)

On final row, don’t chain 3. Connect to the starting row and slip stitch together. Finish off and weave in ends.

Valentine’s Day Printables For Crocheter’s

Gift Giving Companions for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Printables

Valentine’s Printables

I had so much fun working up printables for Christmas, I wanted to do something fun for Valentine’s Day.  I’ve worked up some gift tags, Valentine’s cards, and gift boxes for you all to use. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Happy Valentine’s Day Cards – Print these cards out for all your crochet friends!

(Follow your printers directions to print these out front and back of one page. I used Cardstock for mine to make them sturdier.)

Valentine’s TO/FROM Gift Tags – Sheet of 9 Gift Tags

Sheep Gift Box – Print and assemble gift box.

(Print this on Cardstock and cut out around the outside edges. Fold on all inside edges and attach the side flaps with a glue stick or double sided sticky tape.)

Do you give gifts on Valentine’s Day? Who do you give to? I’ve seen a lot of people crochet valentines for their kids classes. Do you crochet for the class or for the teacher?

A Little Something for the New Year

If you are anything like me or a million others, you are stepping into the new year with a desire to get organized. Personally, I would love to get my yarn stash organized and plan to spend some one on one time with my piles of chaotic fibers in the coming months in an effort to do just that, get organized!  Ha Ha…I will try and post pictures sometime soon so you can see what I am up against. Perhaps it will give me just the motivation I need to actually get it done. I will have you all to hold me accountable.


Free Printable Cards!


I have decided from this point forward each project I start is going to get a WIP Card. (Free Printable Below) This simple card will be used along with a handy ziploc bag to keep the projects I am working on under control. I tend to be a bit distracted by shiny things, aka new patterns, challenges and ideas that pop up in my newsfeed.

Take for example The Crochet Crowd, in the last three days they have posted their January Challenge along with video tutorials for a Puffy Baby Blanket and a 3 Hour Crochet Baby Blanket!  What’s a hooker to do?!

It just so happens that with all of the yummy yarn I scored at the Spinrite Tent sale last fall I have enough to do them ALL! (Psst. If you missed it, there are still tons of really good buys at the ETENT sale!)

And so it is, I know myself to well. I know that I am not going to stop being distracted. So rather than having a ton of WIP’s laying around that will end up getting frogged because I will inevitably forget what hook size I used or where I go the pattern from, I’m going to put each project in its own bag with one of these cards. Each project will have all the information I need to pick it back up and finish it.

Feel free to grab some for yourself!


Hooked With Heart! Templates and Patterns for Free, Oh My!

allprints With craft show season in full swing and the holiday season upon us, it seems everyone is searching for that perfect gift item. Whether you are looking to give it or sell it, the packaging you put on your crocheted items can make a world of difference.Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of effort to set your projects a step above the rest.

After realizing the difference it made putting my cup cozies on a sleeve, I decided to work up a few other packaging options for some of the more popular selling items this year.

Find the Cup Cozy and sleeve template here: Super Simple Cup Cozy and Template

Boot Cuff Box & Wraps


One of the top items this year is the boot cuff. I’ve been working with Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs who designed the Simple Stylish Boot Cuff just for us! She has added it to her Ravelry Store, but has given us a code to get it for free until 12/31/14!  Use Code: BootCuffs14

For this pattern, I used a box template. Looks like a french fry box! If you find your cuffs are too short for the box you can put a bit of tissue paper in the bottom. The back has a place for To and From! Gift ready!

These templates are cut out on the outside line and folded on the inside lines. I used double sided sticky tape to hold the sides together.

PDF Template HookedWithHeartBox

PDF Template Boot Cuff Box (This is the same box style template with Boot Cuff written on the front and Handmade with heart on the back.)bootcuffWrapElk

As another option, I created a Boot Cuff Wrap. The Ripple Stitch Boot Cuffs is a free pattern by Kathy Lashley of ELK Studios. It’s as simple as folding your boot cuffs over and wrapping the label around it. These wraps would also work for hats, scarves, gloves or more!

PDF Template Boot Cuff Wrap (Print in Landscape)

PDF Template Hooked With Heart Wrap (Print in Landscape)

I found a fun and Free Pattern for boot cuffs with a video tutorial over at The Crochet Crowd!

Mug Cozy and Template


Cozies are another of those top wanted items this year. This fun cozy, Mug Love, is another pattern by Sonya Blackstone. You can get it for free too until 12/31/14. Use Code: MugCozy14

Edited to Add: I can’t believe I forgot to post the link to the Mug Cozy!  Mug Love Pattern Here

It’s the perfect size to fit on the Mug Cozy Template. Add some tea, cocoa or a gift card and you’re ready to go!

PDF Template Mug Cozy

A Few Extras!

These little tags are great to attach to any project. The “Hooked With Heart” can be used year round. To and From tags with “Handmade with Love” on the bottom are perfect for gift giving or to pass out with purchases at your craft shows. Giving that little something extra someone else might not have!

The fantastic red head band pattern can be found at Tangled Happy for free! It has a great flower with it too but I had opted out of it for this particular one.

PDF Template Hooked with Heart Tags

PDF Template Holiday Gift Tags

Special Thanks to Deb Johnson of Deb Johnson Illustrations for the use of the Yarn Ball Image It was provided solely for the purpose of these templates and can not be used in any other manner. Thank you!

What is your favorite project to make during the holidays? Do you have a go to item for gift giving? What’s the craziest thing you’ve gotten, or given?

Super Simple Cup Cozy and Template

cupcozy2While getting ready for a craft show recently, I came across an article by One Dog Woof. She had some fantastic thoughts, by far my favorite was on packaging, turning the “simplest things into beautiful gifts.” I gave it a go and was so glad for it.

Slipping the cozies over the cup shape template brought them into the “Great Gift Idea” instantly!  I had an order for 20 of them as soon as they went public.

I worked up a super simple cozie pattern and went to work designing a cup cozy template.  What’s great is the template will work for virtually any cup cozy.

Super Simple Cup Cozy Pattern

K Hook (6.5mm)

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton Yarn

Edited to Add: Thanks to some input from some great ladies over at My Hobby is Crochet, I found out these cozies have been coming up differently for different people.

Hint One: Stick with Cotton Yarn. It will hold its shape better.

Hint Two: Your finished size should be approximately 3 – 3.5 inches from top to bottom and about 8 inches around. If you aren’t getting this finished size you can drop a hook size. If you find you have too much stretch in your cozy or it is too big from the start, Reduce your beginning ch. 

Hint Three: One Crocheter used the template and had her cups printed on card stock at Staples! What a fantastic idea.

Chain 21

Row 1:  Working in the back loop of the 2nd chain from hook, HDC across. Join your last HDC to the top of your first HDC (20)

Rows 2-8: Chain 2, HDC in each HDC space around. Join with slip stitch. (20)

When you have worked 8 total rows of HDC, Join at the top and weave in ends. Use buttons or any variety of charms to decorate the cozy as you see fit.  Changing up colors and yarns gives you more variety.

Super Simple Cup Cozy Printable Pattern


Cup Cozy Template

Print out the template form below, on brown card stock. I got mine in packs of 50 at Michael’s.


Cup Cozy Template

HINT: To keep the cozies secure in place, I use bobby pins. They slip over the stitch on the edge and the pin hides under the cozy.

Edited to add:

I was asked to post a photo of how I placed the bobby pins to secure the cozy onto the template. Photo below. The bobby pins also serve as a way to keep extra items in place, ie; tea bags, cocoa, or gift card. You can poke it out the top and still hold it in place with the pins behind the cozy.

bobbypin placement

Edited to add:

While I was out and about looking around Pinterest, I found another very talented lady who came up with a printable template several years back. It is strikingly similar to mine. If you would like to check it out, and have another option to use you can find it here:

Tinker With This

So, tell me, do you attend craft shows, as a vendor or a patron? What draws you to a product or booth? Do you have pet peeves that make you turn away from a table at a show? Things that attract you?  I’d love to know!

A little of this and a little of that.

A Design Worth Testing

coatiganI had the privilege of being a pattern tester for one of the designers in the Battle of the Stitches this last round, designer Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs.  I went into it with a bit of hesitation because crocheting things that need assembly hasn’t really been something I’ve done before. I am so glad I did. Her design Chilly Cables Coatigan was a great project to be my first in the assembly department. The pattern is not available quite yet, but will be very soon!

My little model, also the recipient of the finished project is absolutely in love with it! So is her mom. So am I! I want one in my size.

Sonya does a great job leading you through the pattern step by step, writing it in a way that’s easy to follow. I would highly recommend stopping by her Ravelry shop and checking out some of her other patterns. Blackstone Designs on Ravelry

A Trip Worth Taking

Two of the coolest people I know in the crochet world!

Two of the coolest people I know in the crochet world!

If you follow The Crochet Crowd, you may have seen my guest blog today. If not you should go check it out! The Spinrite & Hampton Arts Tent Sale was an adventure!  Spinrite is MORE Than Just Yarn!

This was one of the funnest road trips I have ever taken and was very lucky to have friends as crazy as I am to go too! We made a weekend of it and took some time to explore the area a bit. I look forward to the next time we take the trip!

A Project Worth Doing

10645273_10153177117857586_6110686283790520068_nMy current project is for a friend who has to use a knee scooter for the next couple of months. She wants to decorate the attached basket with a bit of sunshine. I found the most adorable heart to use as the center of a mini bunting.  There’s a free pattern for it listed here: Yarn Pumpkin Designs

I found some of the cutest buntings while I was searching for ideas. Do you have a favorite bunting? I would love to see it.

So, tell me, what are you working on? Are still in fall mode or have you already started working on designs for the holidays?

Casting off until the next time we hook up!


Summer, summer, wherefore art thou summer?

PicMonkey Collage

 Summer came and left in the blink of an eye! Here I sit on the edge of autumn looking back on the roller coaster ride that was summer this year. It was insanity at its best. Clicking through my pictures, I quickly realized that even in the insanity of it all, crochet was right there by my side.

I started summer off working on The Crochet Crowd Market Bag Challenge. I started hooking in Virginia all the way to Disney World in Florida and then back again. Needless to say, I did not make the deadline, but I did finish the bag! The challenge is over, but you can still get the free pattern and tutorial video HERE. (The first picture is of a crazy ape at South of the Border trying to steal my yarn! The second picture is the finished Market Bag.)

After coming home from our trip to Disney, my mother in law was put in the hospital with pneumonia, I got a free one week stay on a comfy futon by her side. While there, I had plenty of time to crochet. I thought it was the perfect time to work on a few prayer shawls. The ones I worked on while I was there, in the third picture, was a pattern called The Original Half Granny Square/Shawl it’s a free Ravelry pattern. I ended up getting three done while I was there!


 I Co-Lead a mission trip to Costa Rica next!  We built retaining walls, worked on gardens and building a feeding center. We served at a feeding center and more! Our days were filled to the brim, but in the evening there was a bit of time to spend teaching some of the youth how to crochet!

My last post has the picture of the Slouchy Hat I did up while I waited for everyone else to get off the roller coasters at Hershey Park. I have spent the last month doing a hodge podge of activities, to include white water rafting, picnics, car washes and one too many trips to Chuck E. Cheese. (We only took two.)

I managed to fit some pattern testing in this last week. Blackstone Designs is revamping her patterns, and I had a chance to test out her Mug Love Pattern, which happens to be on sale through Sunday for 58% off as well as all of her patterns! She has some super cool stuff you can check out here, Blackstone Designs. The Mug Love pattern is the one in the last picture up top. It is a super quick, super simple pattern to follow. I worked mine up in about a half an hour!

So, the fourth picture above…I made the set for a friend of mine. I used the Mallory Skirt Pattern (also on sale at Blackstone Designs) and a free Owl Hat Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me. The size is 6-12 months, and the skirt, I embellished with a loop edge and only used one of the pockets and made it an applique instead of an actual pocket.

Currently…no pics available, I am working on my entry for the Stranded & Tangled In Madagascar Challenge. Take a minute and go check it out!  You have until September 26th to get an entry in. Anyone can do this…YOU can do this. Lots of prizes, many are random so why not give it a go!

One more before I go! I am super…super…super excited about a purchase I made this summer!  For these…


I can’t get to an actual picture of the cards right now, but I got a set of notecards with this design on the front. Don’t “Ewe” just love it!? I got them from Deb Johnson at The Artsy Ewe! Go and check out her shop. Besides the notecards, she makes project bags for your yarn and they can be customized. A must see. Oh…and if you really like them, stay tuned there’s a very good chance they are going to be part of my next giveaway!

So, tell me, what did you get done this summer? Are you glad it’s come to an end and making way for autumn or are you disappointed and wanting this Labor Day to last forever so summer doesn’t go away?

Casting off until the next time we hook up!