A Little Something for the New Year

If you are anything like me or a million others, you are stepping into the new year with a desire to get organized. Personally, I would love to get my yarn stash organized and plan to spend some one on one time with my piles of chaotic fibers in the coming months in an effort to do just that, get organized!  Ha Ha…I will try and post pictures sometime soon so you can see what I am up against. Perhaps it will give me just the motivation I need to actually get it done. I will have you all to hold me accountable.


Free Printable Cards!


I have decided from this point forward each project I start is going to get a WIP Card. (Free Printable Below) This simple card will be used along with a handy ziploc bag to keep the projects I am working on under control. I tend to be a bit distracted by shiny things, aka new patterns, challenges and ideas that pop up in my newsfeed.

Take for example The Crochet Crowd, in the last three days they have posted their January Challenge along with video tutorials for a Puffy Baby Blanket and a 3 Hour Crochet Baby Blanket!  What’s a hooker to do?!

It just so happens that with all of the yummy yarn I scored at the Spinrite Tent sale last fall I have enough to do them ALL! (Psst. If you missed it, there are still tons of really good buys at the ETENT sale!)

And so it is, I know myself to well. I know that I am not going to stop being distracted. So rather than having a ton of WIP’s laying around that will end up getting frogged because I will inevitably forget what hook size I used or where I go the pattern from, I’m going to put each project in its own bag with one of these cards. Each project will have all the information I need to pick it back up and finish it.

Feel free to grab some for yourself!


19 thoughts on “A Little Something for the New Year

  1. Thank you for your works in progress cards as well as all you share dint us. I also downloaded the crochet crowd binder organizer you made for us. For that I thank you too.


  2. How clever is that! Thank you so much, Sheri, for the printable WIP cards! This is going to save me so much time & frustration!

  3. These WIP cards are wonderful! Thank you very much, and thanks also to Mikey of the Crochet Crowd for sharing the link to this page.
    I would really like to get all my projects organized, too, and all my supplies. Not only do I spend a lot of time crocheting, but I also make earrings, fold flapping birds, and make bracelets and wristbands of various materials. If you figure out where to find/get/purchase the motivation to sort everything, and put it away in an organized fashion, please let me know!

  4. i always put my WIP in a bag with hook or needles and pattern. Using your WIP cards means i can stop buying more hooks and needles and means i have more money to spend on yarn lol

  5. Great idea! I’m just starting out with knitting and crochet, so might as well get into good habits from the start. I do have several projects planned so this will be very useful. Thanks for sharing.

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