Pamper Yourself With Frogging Along and The Soap Engineers. Crocheter’s Relax Pack Giveaway.

If you have been crocheting for any length of time, you surely know the aches and pains that can accompany it. Sometimes the best plan is to relax and give yourself a break. I’m cracking myself up here! If you are anything like me, break is not something you do very willingly…quite the opposite…crochet is your break! 


Free Soap Saver Pattern

Seriously though, a nice hot shower or a relaxing bath could be just what you need. Awhile back, I posted a pattern for a Soap Saver. A super simple pattern that could be used to hold the scentsational bars of soap I got from The Soap Engineers. Making sure you get to use every last bit of soap without losing any to the soap dish!

When I first introduced The Soap Engineers, and shared my pattern, I also did a giveaway. I’ve decided to do another! With this “Crocheter’s Relax Pack” you can pamper yourself. With a fantastic All Natural Citrus Sugar Scrub, your hands will thank you. Soak in a fizzy hot bath with a Lavender Bath Truffle, and enjoy a shower with the comforting sent and moisturizing pampering of the Honey Almond soap. I’ve included two more Free Patterns below from Moogly and Petals to Picots. You can use the Lily Sugar n’ Cream Yarn to make any of the patterns in this post and pamper yourself just a little bit more!

The "Crocheter's Relax Pack" Bar of Honey Almond Soap, All Natural Citrus Sugar Scrub, Lavender Bath Truffle, Sugar 'n Cream Super Size Cotton Yarn

The “Crocheter’s Relax Pack” Honey Almond Soap, All Natural Citrus Sugar Scrub, Lavender Bath Truffle, Sugar ‘n Cream Super Size Cotton Yarn

CLICK HERE to enter VIA Rafflecopter (There’s 8 ways to earn entries! You get two for sharing the contest on your blog and posting a link in the comments below.) Be sure and check them all out on the link above!

Pampering Massage Back Scrubber & Washcloth

FREE PATTERN: Pampering Massage Back Scrubber & Washcloth

Flower Face Cleansing Pads /Scrubbies

Flower Face Cleansing Pads /Scrubbies

Chime In! I’d love to hear from you! How do you prevent the aches and pains associated with crocheting? Be sure and check out the contest and share. Comment, let me know!

Casting off until the next time we hook up!


54 thoughts on “Pamper Yourself With Frogging Along and The Soap Engineers. Crocheter’s Relax Pack Giveaway.

  1. I tend to take breaks every 20 minutes to wars off stiff joints and keep my eyes able to continue to follow the patterns or else I tend to miss a stitch .

  2. There are specific stretches for crocheters’ pain. I used to have a document about it. I will look for it. In the meantime, I mostly knit, but I definitely also crochet as well. Best strategy … pace myself with the crocheting and set realistic goals. (Crocheting a blanket in six weeks’ time is NOT a realistic, self-pacing goal. I learned this the hard way.) :-)

    • I’ve seen some of the exercises you can do. I have a really tough time pacing myself, and I can definitely feel it when I’m trying to cram something in an unrealistic time frame.

  3. I love this. I have been looking for ideas for a new mom as a pampering gift after she has the baby.

  4. This sounds wonderful! I love to crochet and relax by looking for new patterns, walking around or going outside to enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes I take my Crochet with me. LOL

  5. I agree exactly; crocheting IS my break! However, when the aches and pains start, I have been resorting to taking ibuprofen, as I’m starting to get a bit of arthritis in my hands. :(

  6. Your blog is awesome!….Thanks for sharing so much with us I love new patterns and all the people who have contributed other things for us is totally cool!…..Thanks for giving us a chance to win and looking forward to seeing more things coming here and on Pinterest such a sweet treat!…Sharing on twitter with my friends!……:)

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  8. Thank you Sheri and everyone for the relax pack~ can hardly wait to see it. I crochet very tightly and need to remember to relax! I love Sugar n’Cream and just finished making mobiles from that yarn in a lovely sea green color, matches my kitchen~!

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