Learn How To Read Crochet Patterns

Learn how to read a pattern through Mikey’s tutorials!

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Learn To Read Crochet Patterns Learn how to read crochet patterns with Mikey

Reading crochet patterns is vital for crocheters who want to expand their skills and abilities to do different projects.

In my series, Learn How To Read Patterns – The Crochet Crowd, I will take you through a number of lessons to help you with your skills.

I didn’t really know how to read patterns until the 2nd year of The Crochet Crowd. That was only in 2009. I had learned at the age of 14 to follow crochet diagrams only. Step by step I took myself through patterns slowly. It’s only through using patterns that you can be more proficient. For some people, it is possible they will never understand a pattern too. This is like riding a bike, once you get it, you will roll down the road. It takes several tries before you can be successful. Don’t give up.


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