The Mad Hatter’s Challenge

The Crochet Crowd put out a challenge in January. The challenge was to use the Red Heart Top Hat as your base,  and theme it to Alice in Wonderland. Really, the only guideline was you had to incorporate the original pattern base into your design. Beyond that, the possibilities were endless! Nowhere did it say you had to be able to wear the hat!

You can check out  all of the fantabulous designs in The Mad Hatter Gallery
(Scroll Down for Additional Views of some of the hats!)

“All hats submitted for The Crochet Crowd exhibit will be part of an all new fundraiser, with all proceeds going towards creating Educational Awards for Fashion Design Students in Ontario, Canada. Visit the Crochet Crowd Booth #153 on Saturday, April 26th The bidding is from 9 am – 7 pm Friday and Saturday from 9 am – 2pm… the bidding needs to be all in by 2pm on the Saturday!”

My mind was swirling with ideas I wanted to try. Every time I started a hat I would get side tracked with another idea. The only way to move on was to make them all! Since I knew time wouldn’t allow me to do this, I decided to make them all mini and incorporate them into one design. I ended up submitting three hats. Two more basic designs that I ended up duplicating and using in my third entry as well, a mobile!

Hat 1: The Unbirthday Cake Hat
Hat 2: The Mad Hatter
Hat 3: Alice’s Dream Mobile
I feel sorry for the judges on this one! There are some super talented crocheters out there with imaginations that took us on an entirely new adventure through wonderland!!

Another View

There are some really fabulous hats out there. So much talent. I have found others who have been sharing another view of their creations. I decided to try and start a collection of them all in one place. For those who are as excited as I am to see the Alice story unfold in the world of crochet!
Jacqueline Holland
Heather Navarro
Misty Samuelson
Melissa Wolcott
April Ramirez
Alison Schieltz 
Close up View on Alison’s Tumblr
Krystal Ladwig
Sherry Maye Hat 1
Sherry Maye Hat 2


9 thoughts on “The Mad Hatter’s Challenge

  1. So many wonderful hats! I love your mad hatter one! Thank you for sharing mine!!!
    What a great blog! I'm going to have to stick around & check it out!

    Feel free to stop by mine sometime!

    Krys @ Mr&Me

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