"Yes, I believe I was the only one at the park with a hook in my hand!"

There’s nothing quite as exciting as taking the kids to an amusement park to end the summer with a bang! The kids had a blast, I’m more of a hang-out-hold-stuff-while-you’re-on-the-rollercoaster kind of gal myself. Thanks to hubby’s awesome football throwing skills, I was in good company!

Day One – Chillin’ with Dude!

Getting Dude in on some crochet action!

Day Two- Hanging with Dave!

Needless to say, the park was a bit full and lines a bit long, I had plenty of time to take advantage of the yarn packed in my bag. Here’s what came out of our weekend trip.

Baby Girl Hat – Made on the way to the amusement park. Traffic was horrid!

Chillin’ by the pool!

Black Light Hats! Definitely going to be getting more of this yarn and doing hats for the craft shows this fall! (Red Heart Black Light Yarn  I used the Basic Beanie (Adult Size) Pattern

I started this Purple Minion hat at the park and finished up after we arrived home, I used Dude as my inspiration. There are multiple styles of this character hat out on the WWW. I will post my pattern in the near future.

Our weekend was a blast, the kids had fun, I got to make more hats, and we all had some wonderful family time together.  School started today and soon the weather will cool, leaves will get crunchy, and the need for all these hats will be upon us!  I can’t wait.

P.S.  *WAVES* to the nice lady I met at Kings Dominion and chatted about crocheting with. (Hopefully she made it here to check out the blog!)  Go ahead, pick up a hook and yarn…you can do it!

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