Hat Crazy!!

I will openly admit I have gone a touch hat crazy! In all fairness, it’s not my fault. Full blame is to be placed on the My Mountain Hat Design Contest. I first learned about the contest while searching for crochet blogs. Liz, from Crochet in Color had posted about it.

My first request was for Boston and Boston Style yarns…from these came this, my first entry. I blogged about it HERE. (There’s more pics there too. I took another batch of pics in hopes of showing the pattern off more.)

I fell in love with the Boston yarns and decided to request the same yarn in different colors for my second entry. This time I requested, charcoal heather, brilliant white, black and purple. I had a fun pattern worked up and couldn’t wait to try it out. This one is named “Payton” after the adorable young lady who fell in love with it when she was modeling the hats for me.

The Boston and Boston Style yarns were amazing to work with, I loved the texture of the yarn and the color choices…so many to choose from! I decided for my third entry I would request something in a super bulky weight. I thought they were 100g so needing about 225g  to finish the next pattern I had worked up I requested 3 skeins. This time I simply asked for three of the same color, any color, and waited anxiously to see what surprise would come in the mailbox. SURPRISE! I got Neon Pink Marl in the Bravo Big. DOUBLE SURPRISE! Each skein had 200g!  With 600g of Super Bulky yarn, there was enough to make my third, fourth and fifth entry!

Entry #3 is called “Duplicity” With an open back and drawstring this hat can be used much like my first entry, “Fusion” the difference is the opening is wider and “Duplicity” can double as a cowl. Using such a bulky yarn, this hat worked up in just about an hour and a half.

Entry #4 is called “Flirty” Since the hat needed to be made in all Schachenmayr yarn, and I didn’t have time to request anymore, I took advantage of the extra I had. Using about 3 yards of yarn and separating the strands, I made the flower and gray and white band that weaves in and out around the hat.  They are the perfect color match!
Entry #5 is “Bobble” using a basic pattern, I added a bit of zing to this bobble style hat by using some of the Boston Black yarn I had left over from my second entry. 
Entry #6 “Belle”  is a petite hat made from bits of Boston and Boston Style yarns left over from entries one and two.
It’s been a fun month of going hat crazy…I’d be lying if I said it was going to end here…I have already done up two non-contest hats. One replicating the “Flirty” hat in a less bulky yarn and a chemo hat for a friend of mine.  

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