My Mountain Hat

I did it! Here’s my entry for the My Mountain Hat Contest. Crosses fingers tightly. =) The name “Fusion” is from a mix of fun and functionality. With fun colors and designs, “Fusion” sports an open ended hat perfect for pulling a ponytail through. A drawstring feature allows you to pull the back together or leave it open for a fuller fun effect.  The options of how to wear this hat are really up to the individual sporting it.  A quick flip of the bottom and drawstring pulled tight and you have a beanie with a festive spray of braids on top! 
Part of the contest was talking about the mountains you have overcome. I am somewhat a Jill of all Trades. I have tried many crafty type things and hobbies, never really sticking to any  of them. With crocheting it has been completely different.When I started a few years ago I was terrified of doing anything using a pattern. Straight, non counting projects for me.  In the last year I began  climbing that mountain one pattern at a time. Now I’m making my own patterns!  The My Mountain Hat Design Contest gave me that final motivation to take my crocheting to the next level! With my brand new blog and an insatiable desire to create with yarn, I’m over the top and quite happy to be here!

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